'Avocado' An Erotic Adventure of Spirit and Sensuality - Christine Leov-Lealand

'Avocado' An Erotic Adventure of Spirit and Sensuality

By Christine Leov-Lealand

  • Release Date: 2010-12-04
  • Genre: Erotic Romance
  • Size: 186.61 KB

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Amazon Review 12/13 Although this book contains some of the most well written, sexy smut I've ever read, the characters and the story can stand on their own. I absolutely love this book, and whilst I rarely openly profess to enjoy such saucy literature, I regularly find myself recommending this book to friends. It's moving, emotionally and sexually. Enjoy!
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'So many genres collide here to extreme effect. Romance, erotica, family, culture, place and more. It makes for an intensely human book. The characters don't arrive, they feel like they have been there forever. If you don't know your cultures, Kiwi, Aussie, Indian, Rastafarian, this will encourage you too read about them. The sex scenes are tender & endearing,and no I'm not going to tell you about the avocado. I admire the way the author gets I to the skin of her characters, really making them flesh with a combination of reality and myth. This is educated erotica, superb.'

@loveleov: So did you like the ending? @WSHW1996 yes. Completely. I should have read Avocado sooner but when I did I got sucked in. Nothing was going to disrupt that read! All superb. It was real & completely lovely. Pain, happiness, desire, all the emotions. I adored this, the best of yours I've read.

Dawn has retreated to a shack at a beach paradise to nurse the wounds from an unhappy relationship. Stuart, freshly back from India sporting long Rastafarian dreadlocks arrives at her beach and begins with his animal sexuality to challenge and complete her aching desires. Shamanic ceremonies, the mystery Stuart left behind in India; an interfering family and ex’s cause chaos, interspersed with plenty of hot tropical sex and ripe avocado flesh. Who does Dawn choose when her ex and Stuart fight over her? Why does Stuart go back to India and who does he bring home? Will Dawn wait for his return?

First book in the trilogy by best-selling New Zealand erotica author Christine Leov Lealand. Delicious and sexy, often borrowed and never returned. For 14 years a best-seller in the Antipodes. Find out what women have been enjoying in Australia and New Zealand.

Warning – Consensual BDSM and GLBT sexual scenes are a feature of this book.

“Exciting, raw and sexy this book not only has a lot of raunchy episodes in it, there are sensual foods, fantasy, raw emotions and what I liked most were the realistic aspects of life portrayed in this novel.” NZ Review